How to File Consumer Complaint Online
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How to File Consumer Complaint Online

A consumer complaint is a formal expression of dissatisfaction or grievance against a product or service. It is a legal recourse for consumers to seek resolution and compensation for issues such as defective products, subpar services, or unfair trade practices.

What is the Consumer Protection Act?

The implementation of the Consumer Protection Act in 1986 has streamlined the process of providing swift and accessible compensation for consumer grievances. This legislation serves as a protective shield, empowering consumers to voice concerns regarding inadequacies and defects in goods and services. It plays a crucial role in upholding the rights of consumers, especially when traders and manufacturers engage in unlawful practices. The central aim of this act is to offer assistance to both consumers and businesses, aiming to avoid prolonged legal battles.

Encompassing all goods and services across public, private, or cooperative sectors, the Consumer Protection Act applies universally, with only specific exemptions determined by the central government. This act establishes a platform where consumers can register their complaints, prompting the forum to take prompt action against the implicated supplier. Subsequently, compensation is awarded to the consumer, alleviating the challenges they have encountered. The overarching goal is to create a fair and efficient system that addresses consumer concerns while discouraging illicit trade practices.

Key point of the Consumer Protection Act

  • Consumer Rights: The Act delineates the fundamental rights of consumers, including the right to information, right to choose, right to be heard, and right to seek redressal.
  • Unfair Trade Practices: The legislation prohibits unfair trade practices such as false advertising, misleading claims, and deceptive practices.
  • Consumer Disputes Redressal Forums: The Act establishes consumer courts at the district, state, and national levels to adjudicate consumer disputes.
  • Product Liability: Introduces the concept of product liability, holding manufacturers, sellers, and service providers accountable for defective products or deficient services.

How to File Consumer Complaint Online

Steps for Filing a Consumer Complaint Online


Commence the process by detailing the problems or faults encountered with the product or service in a written notice to the manufacturer or seller. For claims exceeding 10,000, seek legal advice and consider sending the notice through your attorney on official letterhead, signaling a potential legal course of action.


After dispatching the legal notice, anticipate a response from the company regarding your complaint. Some companies may provide a satisfactory resolution, while others may not. If there’s no reply within the stipulated time frame, typically 15 days, you have the option to escalate the matter to the consumer forum.


Select the suitable consumer forum based on factors such as cost and compensation. Depending on your location and the magnitude of the grievance, opt for the district forum, state commission, or national commission. Either you or a chosen representative can present your case, and the proceedings may take six to eighteen months.


Prepare a written complaint adhering to the prescribed format of the chosen forum. Ensure all pertinent details are included. Our professionals can assist in crafting a comprehensive complaint. It’s crucial to present the legal notice sent to the vendor or service provider to demonstrate your attempt at resolving the dispute before resorting to legal proceedings.


To initiate a consumer complaint, fulfill the court fee payment as mandated by the filing department of the consumer forum, contingent upon the amount of loss incurred. In the event of a successful lawsuit, the court may compel the seller to reimburse all costs incurred, encompassing attorney fees and the expenses associated with filing the online consumer court complaint.

What are the eligibility Criteria in order to file a Consumer Complaint Online/ EDakhil?

To file a Consumer Complaint Online or through EDakhil, certain eligibility criteria must be met.

  • The case should be within the scope of the Consumer Protection Act, excluding matters falling under civil, criminal, or labor laws.
  • The prayer section of the complaint must specifically request a refund and a claim amount.
  • Consumer complaints filed online must not solely pertain to compensation, possession, return, or exchange of goods; they must align with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.
  • If the total consideration, refund, or claim amount exceeds Rs. 50 lakhs, the case is not eligible for online filing at the district consumer forum

How Can We Help you to file a Consumer Complaint online?

We can assist individuals in filing consumer complaints online by offering guidance, expertise, and sometimes direct assistance in the process. Here’s how we can help you:

Expertise and Guidance:

Our experts know consumer protection laws and regulations. They can guide you on whether your complaint has legal merit and the appropriate steps to take.

Assessment of Case:

Legal professionals can assess the strength of your case, helping you understand if your complaint is likely to be successful.

Document Preparation:

We assist in preparing the necessary documents for filing a consumer complaint, ensuring that all relevant information is included.

Review of Terms and Conditions:

We are reviewing the terms and conditions of your purchase or contract, identifying any clauses that may be relevant to your case.

Filing Procedures:

We understand the specific requirements and procedures for filing consumer complaints online. We can help you navigate through the official channels and complete the necessary forms correctly.

Communication with the Opposing Party:

If necessary, We will communicate with the opposing party on your behalf, attempting to resolve the issue amicably.

Legal Representation:

In more complex cases, We offer representation during dispute resolution processes or court proceedings.

Continuous Support:

Throughout the process, we provide ongoing support, answering questions, and keeping you informed about the progress of your case.

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