Consumer Complaints Online in Kerala
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Consumer Complaints Online in Kerala

How can I file consumer complaints online in Kerala?


In the digital age, where the internet serves as a powerful tool for communication and information exchange, consumers in Kerala have found a new avenue to voice their concerns and seek resolutions for their grievances – online consumer complaint platforms. These platforms have become crucial to the consumer experience, allowing individuals to hold businesses accountable for their products and services. In this blog post, we explore the significance of consumer complaint platforms in Kerala and how they empower consumers in their quest for justice.

The Rise of Online Consumer Complaints in Kerala:

Kerala, known for its tech-savvy population, has witnessed a significant surge in the use of online platforms to address consumer issues. With the advent of social media and dedicated complaint websites, consumers now have the means to share their experiences and grievances with a wider audience. This has not only raised awareness about various issues but has also led to increased accountability among businesses.

Benefits of Online Consumer Complaint Platforms:

Visibility and Exposure:

Online platforms provide a public space for consumers to share their experiences, gaining visibility and exposure for their complaints. This visibility often prompts businesses to respond promptly to protect their reputation.

Community Support:

Consumers can connect with others who have faced similar issues, forming a community that supports each other. This shared experience not only provides emotional support but also strengthens the collective voice against unfair business practices.

Documentation of Complaints:

Online platforms allow consumers to document their complaints, providing a digital trail that can be valuable when escalating the issue to consumer protection authorities or legal entities.

Speedy Resolutions:

The immediacy of online communication enables businesses to address complaints swiftly. Many companies monitor social media and complaint websites actively, ensuring a quicker response to consumer concerns.

Educating Consumers:

These platforms serve as a valuable resource for educating consumers about their rights and how to navigate the complaint resolution process effectively.

The process to File a Consumer Complaint in Kerala

Filing a consumer complaint in Kerala, India involves a systematic process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can file a consumer complaint in the state:

Keep Relevant Documents Ready:

Collect all relevant documents related to your complaint. This may include bills, receipts, warranty cards, and any communication with the concerned company or service provider.

Attempt Resolution with the Business:

Before filing a complaint, resolve the issue directly with the business or service provider. Communicate your concerns through emails, letters, or phone calls and keep records of these interactions.

Visit the Consumer Protection Council Office:

In Kerala, the Consumer Protection Council handles consumer complaints. Visit the nearest Consumer Protection Council office. You can find the address and contact details on their official website.

Submit a Written Complaint:

Prepare a written complaint providing details such as your name, address, contact details, details of the product or service in question, the nature of the complaint, and the relief sought. Attach photocopies of relevant documents to support your case.

Pay the Prescribed Fee:

In some cases, a nominal fee may be required to file a complaint. Check with the Consumer Protection Council office about the applicable fee and make the payment.

Receive Acknowledgment:

After submitting your complaint, you should receive an acknowledgment from the Consumer Protection Council. This acknowledgment typically contains a unique complaint number that you can use for future reference.

Follow Up on the Complaint:

Keep track of the progress of your complaint. Consumer Protection Councils usually have a specified timeframe within which they aim to resolve complaints. You can follow up with the office to check the status of your case.


Depending on the nature of the complaint, the Consumer Protection Council may attempt to mediate between you and the business. If a resolution is not achieved through mediation, your case may proceed to a formal hearing.

Attend Hearings:

If a hearing is scheduled, make sure to attend and present your case. Bring all relevant documents and be prepared to explain your complaint.

Receive the Order:

Once the Consumer Protection Council reaches a decision, you will receive an order. If the decision is in your favor, it may include instructions for the business to provide compensation or take corrective actions.

Required Documents for Filing a Consumer Complaint in Kerala

To file a consumer complaint, ensure you have the following documents:

Memo of Parties:

Include details of the involved parties such as names, addresses, and mobile numbers.

Proof of Purchase:

Provide evidence of the transaction, which may include receipts, bills, warranty cards, or any document validating the purchase.

Proof of Communication:

Include records of communication with the concerned party, such as emails, call recordings, letters, or any other form of correspondence.

Photographs or Video Evidence:

If applicable, include visual documentation supporting your complaint, like photographs or videos depicting the issue.

Other Relevant Documents:

Include any additional documents pertinent to your case, such as product manuals, service agreements, or any written communication that supports your complaint.

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