Online Consumer Complaints in Tamilnadu
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Online Consumer Complaints in Tamilnadu


In the digital era, consumers in Tamilnadu have embraced online platforms to voice their concerns and seek resolutions for grievances. This shift has not only empowered consumers but has also increased accountability among businesses. This blog post explores the significance of consumer complaint platforms in Tamilnadu and outlines the step-by-step process for filing a complaint online.

The Rise of Online Consumer Complaints in Tamil Nadu

Tamilnadu’s tech-savvy population has led to a surge in online platforms addressing consumer issues. Social media and dedicated complaint websites provide visibility, prompting businesses to respond promptly. These platforms foster community support, document complaints, enable speedy resolutions, and educate consumers about their rights.

Benefits of Online Consumer Complaint Platforms

  1. Visibility and Exposure: Public space for consumers to share experiences.
  2. Community Support: Formation of a supportive community facing similar issues.
  3. Documentation of Complaints: Creation of a digital trail for escalation purposes.
  4. Speedy Resolutions: Immediate online communication ensures quick responses.
  5. Educating Consumers: Platforms serve as a resource for consumer rights education.

The Process to File a Consumer Complaint in Tamil Nadu

  1. Keep Relevant Documents Ready: Collect all pertinent documents, including bills, receipts, and communication records.
  2. Attempt Resolution with the Business: Try resolving the issue directly with the business through emails, letters, or calls, keeping records of interactions.
  3. Visit the Consumer Protection Council Office: Locate the nearest Consumer Protection Council office using the official website.
  4. Submit a Written Complaint: Prepare a detailed written complaint, including personal details, the complaint’s nature, and the relief sought. Attach relevant photocopies of documents.
  5. Pay the Prescribed Fee: Check with the Consumer Protection Council office for any applicable fees and make the payment.
  6. Receive Acknowledgment: Upon submission, receive an acknowledgment with a unique complaint number for reference.
  7. Follow Up on the Complaint: Monitor the progress, and follow up with the Consumer Protection Council office if needed.
  8. Hearing: Depending on the nature of the complaint, mediation or a formal hearing may be scheduled.
  9. Attend Hearings: Attend scheduled hearings with all relevant documents prepared to present your case.
  10. Receive the Order: After a decision is reached, receive an order that may include instructions for compensation or corrective actions.

Required Documents for Filing a Consumer Complaint in Tamil Nadu

Ensure you have the following documents:

  1. Memo of Parties: Details of involved parties (names, addresses, mobile numbers).
  2. Proof of Purchase: Evidence of the transaction, such as receipts, bills, or warranty cards.
  3. Proof of Communication: Records of communication with the concerned party.
  4. Photographs or Video Evidence: Visual documentation supporting your complaint.
  5. Other Relevant Documents: Product manuals, service agreements, or any written communication supporting your case.

Court fees for filing a Consumer Complaint in Tamil Nadu

The list of court fees is given below for filing a Consumer Complaint in Tamil Nadu :

Case Value Court Fee
Less than 5 lakhs No Court fee
5 Lakhs – 10 Lakhs ₹ 200
10 Lakhs – 20 Lakhs ₹ 400
20 Lakhs – 50 Lakhs ₹ 1000
50 Lakhs – 1 Crore ₹ 2000
1 Crore – 2 Crore ₹ 2500
2 Crore – 4 Crore ₹ 3000
4 Crore – 8 Crore ₹ 5000
8 Crore – 10 Crore ₹ 6000
More than – 10 Crore ₹ 7500

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