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At Legalution.in we firmly believe that there is always a better possible way to serve the customer with the best possible solutions. Our valued customers are earned, rather than bought. We make business fun and inspiring, by providing clear and transparent services to our clients. Our main focus is to make India a business oriented country. The initiative is to create success stories of Entrepreneurship in Bengal and far wide, and for doing so we help to cater their dreams and shape their dreams. We started our started our journey very recently with just a simple idea of creating business out of the creative minds. Our aim was to make business more reliable for the Startups, Small & Medium Entrepreneurs. Since, we are helping them to start and grow their business, by offering a wide range of services, our main focus is to provide them with the legal support as well and make them know their rights and fight for it. Slowly, we are growing with small steps with your help. We started with DSC service and Legal support, dealing with serious Human right issues and concern, but we are now expanding ourselves by giving hand to the startups to set their own dreams and to achieve aspirations through all the company registration services and other compliance support by introducing wide array of services as per our client’s requirement.


Diverse People tied with thread of Equality and Diversity

We are a Unique Family comprised of group of CA/GST Expert/ RTI Expert/ Lawyers/ and other related Professionals, all working under one roof and a same mindset, with one motive to offer the best of legal help and other corporate services, from every state.


IT Expert & DBM

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Sunakshi Saha


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Saikat Saha

Audit Manager

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Legalution.in started with a common and ordinary though of providing legal support to the deprived and weaker sections of the society, so that they can raise their voice and fight for themselves. By passing of time, it was then realized people should also need to start something of their own to create one’s own identity and that has to be done legally, which resulted into the firm formation of the brand.


We help Common people easily filling for legal solutions.

legalution is India's legal online services platform dedicated to helping people easily start filling at an affordable cost. Our aim is to help the common people on the legal and regulatory requirements, offering support at every stage to ensure the legally remains compliant and continually growing.

Legalution.in partners with a network of experienced Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, Technical Experts, IT Engineers and Application Security Administrator, across India.

Legalution.in is the most trusted Online Legal Consultant in India

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A talented workforce that works in collaboration with a network of over 200+ Professionals.

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